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Financial Aid for Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Students should register for the study abroad program; and pay any applicable deposit. 

Financial Aid cannot be awarded if the program is for 0 credit. Financial Aid award letters will not be revised until student is registered for the program.

Financial Aid may be used to cover program fees including tuition, housing, meals, excursions specific to the program, travel expenses, books and supplies and minor personal expenses.

If financial aid is needed, and student is taking 18 or less total credits, complete a ‘Financial Aid Request for Study Abroad’ form through Cor-OneStop-Important Forms. Financial Aid is typically in the form of alternative loans for these programs. If the student doesn’t plan to take loan, and they won’t exceed 18 credits, a form is not needed.

If the student has not taken all of their federal loans, or if they are unsure whether they would receive aid other than loans, they can complete a ‘Financial Aid Request for Study Abroad’ form, and we will review their options.

If financial aid is needed, and student will be taking more than 18 credits, complete a ‘Financial Aid Request for Overload Credits’ form through Cor-OneStop-Important Forms. (In this case, we only need the one form—we do not need the ‘study abroad’ form.) Tuition will be charged for students who are taking over 18 credits, but the overload form will allow us to apply a discount to cover the tuition charge only. This discount is only applicable to programs that are less than two-weeks long, and apply to programs charged to fall and spring only.

For programs during fall semester or over semester break (Late Dec-Early January), tuition and fees will be charged to fall semester. For programs during spring semester and immediately following spring semester, tuition and fees will be charged to spring semester. Summer programs do not apply to the tuition discount, as in most cases students are not taking a full credit load and tuition is already reduced.

At this time we don’t have any scholarships available for these short-term programs.