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Consortium Basics

1. Students need to be registered for 12 CSS credits before they can consider participating in a consortium at any other school — unless it’s a study abroad program or American University , or if the student is in their last semester of sch ool and doesn’t need full - time credits. (Does not pertain to Grad or Extended Studies programs.)

2. A student can attend just about any school through a consortium, but they need a signature from their advisor and /or David Bauman, that the course(s) that th ey are taking are required for their degree and are not offered at CSS during that particular term. Schools need to be accredited institutions.

3. If a traditional student is taking courses at UMD or UWS during fall or spring semester, and that student has at least 12 credits at CSS, it is considered ‘cross registration’ and a consortium form does not need to be completed. A consortium agreement form is required for courses taken over the summer at UMD or UWS. If the student absolutely needs to get into a class at UWS or UMD, they can do a consortium — but they will have to pay the tuition & fees. With cross registration or a consortium , CSS students are not guaranteed to get into the class.

4. A student will not receive institutional aid (Benedictine Scholarship, CSS Grant, SEOG, Multicultural , and other ‘endowed scholarships’) if they are less than full - time (12 credits) at CSS. Pell Grant, MN State Grant and some scholarships are based on total number of credits between the schools and need to be calculated individually. (Please note that if a student is at 12 credits at CSS and they have at least 3 credits at another school, they should receive the full amount of MN State Grant that they are eligible for.)

5. Students may receive MN State Grant, even if the h ost school is outside of MN, if they are eligible for MN State Grant and are participating in a consortium. The state grant amount needs to be calculated individually based on tuition and fees from the two schools. (This does include other countries — over seas)

6. In most cases, students will be required to make payment arrangements with the host school to avoid being dropped from the class. In some instances (study abroad, or campus affiliated programs at ICC, CLC, Inver Hills), CSS will make payment on the student’s behalf from the student’s CSS account before a refund is generated. A hold will be placed on the student’s account if this is the case, and refunds may be delayed until the calculation and payment can be made.

7. Students, who have made payment a rrangements with the host school, will receive a refund from their student account with the normal refund processing.

8. For any other questions that pop up, please contact Jonna Marholz in the Financial Aid Office at X6051 or email