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Goals & Objectives

Personal Goals 

Completing a term abroad whether in a summer, semester or full academic year has the potential to impact you in many ways: academically, socially, financially and more. What are your reasons for wanting to study abroad and what personal goals do you plan to fulfill by doing so? How will you make the most of it?

Academic Objectives 

What to discuss with your Academic Advisor

  • Degree/major requirements
  • Academic planning at CSS
  • How/whether a course abroad will count towards your degree- check with the OneStop Office to see how courses offered at partner institutions translate onto your CSS academic record.

Individual Considerations 

Ask yourself what kind of environment is most conducive to your time abroad. Every destination will have some challenges; this is all part of the study abroad experience.
  • Understand the difference between study abroad programs and consider which works best for your learning style and level of comfort.
  • Discuss any concerns about accommodations with an advisor in the Access Center.
  • Think about your Identity and how it will inform your experience abroad.
  • Time matters! While not everyone can go abroad for a semester or full year, it is important to remember relationship building and getting to know another culture takes time. Returning study abroad students regularly comment they wish they had spent more time abroad.