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Health & Safety

The safety of our students abroad is our top priority. CSS Education Abroad performs regular risk-assessment reviews of every program we administer. At each site, students are given 24-hour emergency contact numbers and are informed of emergency procedures. When students travel independently, we ask they keep on-site staff aware of their plans. CSS Education Abroad will modify or cancel planned field trips or other activities when necessary to ensure student safety. Before students leave the US, they receive a general safety orientation. Once on site, students receive more detailed instructions from local professionals.

CSS Education Abroad also provides students with AlertTraveler, a mobile application that utilizes GPS and a student's study abroad program itinerary to provide them with country and city intelligence and to help them make informed decisions while traveling; safety and security alerts to let them know of any events that could potentially impact their travel or safety; and an instant check-in option allowing them to report their status back to administrators and program coordinators in case of an incident.

Ultimately, though, the decision to study abroad is one which must be made by students and their families. Even with the care which our staff members give to their safety, and even if they carefully follow the guidelines here, we cannot guarantee a completely safe environment, just as no one can guarantee it here in the United States. Nor can we force students to follow these guidelines when they are on their own. We urge them, however, to pay attention to these guidelines, and to exercise the same caution as they would in the United States, in order to have the best experience possible.